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So you’ve done your compulsory basic rider training, got your L’s or P’s and bought yourself a trail bike. Or maybe you bought a road bike but now you’re wondering if that was the right choice and wondering what riding on the dirt would be like?

“Adventure” riding is the latest trend to take the motorcycling world by storm, so much so that nearly everything you do on the dirt now is called “Adventure “riding. Whatever happened to “Trail” riding, and “Enduro” riding? What’s the difference?

Well it’s all a matter of opinion and definition and it’s true that an adventure can be had on any bike on any surface, but generally “Trail” riding refers to single line narrow trails with lots of obstacles like rivers, steep hills, fallen trees, sand and mud. It’s generally best done on a “Trail” bike. That’s generally a light weight off road motorcycle usually up to 450cc. “Enduro” riding generally refers to competition or racing across natural terrain, and differs again from “Motocross”, which is racing over a man-made dirt course with jumps and berms.

The “Adventure” riding concept started out as more like dirt road touring in a way, done more for the sightseeing and exploring of the roads less travelled, both dirt and tar. As such, it was suitable for larger heavier bikes that had both the capacity to be used on dirt and tar. Hence the term Adventure Bike was created and marketed by motorcycle manufacturers everywhere.

Whether or not you agree with these definitions, it’s important as a new rider to be aware that although there are many “Adventure” riding groups and companies out there, most are not used to catering to or dealing with new riders. It’s very possible that you could end up committing yourself to a day of riding that is way beyond your skill level or comfort zone and the results are often disastrous.

That’s why Fine Line Rider Training and Aussie Bike or Hike have combined to produce the Intro to Adventure Ride. Designed for the new dirt rider, by a company that specialises in training novice riders, along with a company that specialises in guiding adventurers on motorcycles all over the world.

This two day ride will start and finish at our rider training facility in Taree. We will travel back roads, both dirt and tar, (no single line enduro trails) over the Dingo Tops and Gloucester Tops regions, stopping in at lookouts and scenic places along the way. We’ll visit Ellenborough Falls and other places of natural beauty along the way, and stop overnight in pub type accommodation at Gloucester, where we can socialise, have a great meal and rest our weary bodies in a comfortable bed, ready for the next day.

The entire ride is designed as light adventure, so is suitable for novice riders on any size bike, although we would recommend intermediate 50/50 road trail type tyres. Not only that, you’ll be guided and supported by two experienced riders/trainers and have a support vehicle with trailer following along the way as well.

Not purely a “riding course” or a “tour”, this ride is a combination of both. Our instructor/ guides will show you the dangers of crossing that causeway, and assist you across. We’ll help with some dirt riding techniques, standing/sitting, skids, emergency stops etc, but all done along the way as the opportunity arises. We’ll stop for lunch and photo opportunities along the way, and arrive at our accommodation safe and sound after a big day of riding.

Free overnight secure car and trailer parking available at our Whitbread Street Training Centre for those who wish to trailer their bikes to the start.

These tours are the best way for new riders to get a feel for dirt touring and adventure riding with minimal risk. It’s a great introduction to adventure riding with some fun and companionship built in.

Here's what we provide:

• Expert guidance from qualified and experienced instructor/guides that are First Aid qualified, equipped with emergency satellite communication, and ready to assist.

• A 4X4 support vehicle with motorcycle trailer in case of breakdowns, and to carry some of that heavy luggage to make your bike lighter.

• Overnight pub type accommodation in historic Gloucester. (Food and drinks at customer expense).

• Car and trailer parking at our Training Centre for anyone trailering their bike to the start.


You need to provide:

• A legal registered trail or adventure style motorcycle with at least 200klm fuel range.

• We recommend a 50/50 road/dirt type tyre for this kind of riding.

• Hire bikes are available for the two days for the added cost of $300 (limited numbers available).

• Your food and drink at your own expense

• Personal riding equipment such as helmet, jacket etc.

• A sense of fun and light adventure with a willingness to take some challenges along the way.

The full cost of the two-day ride is $320 per person share accommodation.


Single accommodation may incur an extra fee.

To book go to our website at either

NOTE - Refunds are only available up to 7 days prior to the event. No refunds, transfers or credits are available within 7 days of the event.

By continuing with your booking you agree to the refund policy and acknowledge that you have read and understand the details regarding this event.

This is not a course, but a fun ride. Every person who attends this ride acknowledges that motorcycle riding can be inherently dangerous and that they undertake this ride at their own risk.



21st / 22nd October 2023


150 TO 250 Kilometres PER DAY

The tour Aussie Bike OR Hike have designed will be mostly dirt roads. places where traffic is at a minimum and wild life and sights are at a maximum!

Our aim is for the ride not to test you physically but to be enjoyable whilst still covering a decent distance. A lot of thought has gone into the route for our tours to make it as enjoyable as possible.

However if the riding distance is too far. Don't worry. we will have a back up van that can take you to the final destination.

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