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Super Early Bird $310.00 Book before 21/07/24


Early Bird $350.00 Book after 21/07/24 and before 21/08/24


Normal Price $395.00 After 21/08/24




Dust off your helmet and brace yourself for a weekend that will kick start your adventure riding skills !


Have you recently completed your Ls or Ps and are itching to dominate the dirt trails? Perhaps you're a seasoned rider, but the thought of solo adventures leaves you with butterflies in your stomach. Regardless of your experience level, Fine Line Rider Training and Aussie Bike or Hike have the perfect antidote for you:


The Adventure Kick Start Tuition/Tour


Crafted for dirt newbies by the pros, this two-day off road adventure brings together Fine Line's expertise in transforming wobbly knees into confident grins and Aussie Bike or Hike's mastery in organizing motorcycle adventures worldwide. Consider it the training wheels for your wanderlust.



The entire ride is designed as a light adventure, making it suitable for novice riders on any size bike. We recommend intermediate 50/50 road trail type tires for an optimal experience. Plus, you'll have the guidance and support of two experienced riders/trainers, accompanied by a support vehicle with a trailer following along.



This isn't merely a "riding course" or a "tour" it's a perfect blend of both worlds.



Fine Line Rider Training boasts a remarkable track record, having trained over 60,000 new motorcycle students at their Taree training range over a 30-year period. Aussie Bike or Hike, owned and led by two-time motorcycle world champion Alex Cudlin, has conducted tours in over 8 different countries around the world, including Australia of course.



In this Adventure Kick Start Tuition/Tour, our instructors/guides will showcase the dangers of crossing that causeway and provide insights into dirt riding techniques, covering standing/sitting, skids, emergency stops, and much more – all on the fly as opportunities arise. You’ll have plenty of stops along the way and plenty of time for some great photos on your ride, ensuring a safe and enjoyable arrival at your overnight accommodation, after a thrilling day of riding.


The adventure begins at our 10 acre dedicated motorcycle training facility in Taree, where half a day will be spent honing your skills on the dirt. Lunch will be supplied by us, then brace yourself for an awe-inspiring tour, weaving through stunning backroads, a blend of dirt and tar (no gnarly single-track trails to worry about!). There will be some breathtaking lookouts along the way, as you soak up the Aussie wilderness all the way to Gloucester.


The evening in Gloucester will be dedicated to an information session covering essentials for your adventure rides, including what gear to wear, tools to carry, tire-plugging techniques, and the best emergency equipment.


Free overnight car and trailer parking is available at our Whitbread Street Training Centre for those who prefer to trailer their bikes to the start.


These tours offer new riders the ideal introduction to dirt touring and adventure riding with minimal risk, combining learning with fun and camaraderie.


The overnight stop will be in Gloucester. You can book your stay anywhere you prefer, but our staff will be staying at the Buckets Way Motel in Gloucester - see details below if you decide to book there too!


This isn't your typical course or tour; it's the best of both worlds!



This two-day adventure is a kick start to building your confidence in off road riding and a chance to build lasting friendships with other adventure riders.


Adventure is not just about the destination; it's about the journey. So, are you ready to trade the pavement for the dirt road? Join the Adventure Kick Start Tuition/Tour and let the good times roll!

21/22 September 2024

Fine Line Rider Training

41 Whitbread Street Taree, NSW 2430


150 TO 250 Kilometres PER DAY

The tour Aussie Bike OR Hike have designed will be mostly dirt roads. places where traffic is at a minimum and wild life and sights are at a maximum!

Here's what we provide:


  • Expert guidance from qualified and experienced instructor/guides that are First Aid qualified, equipped with emergency satellite communication, and ready to assist.


  • Group adventure training at our 10 acre motorcycle riding facility in Taree



  • Fully guided Tour with lead guide and sweeps


  • A 4X4 support vehicle with motorcycle trailer in case of breakdowns, and to carry some of that heavy luggage to make your bike lighter.


  • Lunch on Day 1 at Fine Line Rider Training


  • Car and trailer parking at our Training Centre for anyone trailering their bike to the start.



You need to provide:

• A legal registered trail or adventure style motorcycle.


• We recommend a minimum 50/50 road/dirt type tyre for this kind of riding. More dirt than road if possible. We proudly endorse and encourage the use of the MITAS E07 tire as a reliable all-rounder, and the perfect choice for this ride.

• Must have a motorcycle licence and will need to be shown on the day of the ride. Ls or Ps are acceptable.

• Your food and drink and accomodation at your own expense

• Personal riding equipment such as helmet, jacket etc.

• A sense of fun and light adventure with a willingness to take some challenges along the way.

Things to Know:

The Aussie Bike or Hike staff will be staying at the “Buckets Way Motel" 

If you want to stay there too, book with them directly on 

Address: 19 Church St, Gloucester NSW 2422

Phone: (02) 6558 2588




You’ll be expertly guided by World Endurance Motorcycle World Champion, Alex Cudlin.


We have experienced staff as sweep riders to help any riders should they need it.


We will also be backed up by Shane Cudlin, a highly experienced motorcycle trainer, with a wealth of industry knowledge. He will be on hand driving the back-up vehicle and trailer, should we have an incident or a rider’s bike break down.


This will allow you to jump in the vehicle and we can get your bike to the next town so that you can organise to have it repaired or picked up.


You won’t have to carry any of your clothes bags or tent (if you decide to camp) as we will have them in the back vehicle.


Rest assured, even if this is your first time venturing off-road or you’re an experienced rider, you will be in capable hands and will be sure to have a weekend of fun and learning.



Our guides are equipped with InReach satellite emergency communications and hold first aid qualifications, ensuring your safety throughout the entirety of the trip.



Over the course of this adventure, you can expect to travel approximately 150 - 250 kilometres each day, exclusively on gazetted dirt roads with minimal tar.



It is important to note that this ride is designed for any adventure bikes, without any “single track” or enduro type guiding.



NOTE - Refunds are only available up to 14 days prior to the event. No refunds, transfers or credits are available within 14 days of the event.


By continuing with your booking you agree to the refund policy and acknowledge that you have read and understand the details regarding this event.


This Adventure Kick Start Tuition/Tour is a combination of Tuition and Touring.

Every person who attends this ride acknowledges that motorcycle riding can be inherently dangerous and that they undertake this ride at their own risk and will be asked to sign a waiver on the day of the ride.

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