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Intro to Road Riding Tour

You’ve got your L’s, maybe even done your P’s, but you still haven’t done a lot of road riding yet.

Would you like to learn more about Roadcraft?


Perhaps you’d like to come with us for two full days of tarmac road riding that is a great learning experience as well as a great way to enjoy the freedom of the open road and meet lots of like minded people like you who are also new to motorcycling.

Fine Line Rider Training in conjunction with Aussie Bike or Hike have developed a popular two-day tour that is also a training course. It’s called the Intro to Road Riding and it has all the elements of training and learning about safe road riding in the form of a fun two-day tour.

Together we will explore some great motorcycling roads such as the historic Thunderbolts Way, named after one of Australia’s most infamous outlaw bush-rangers, Captain Thunderbolt, and the iconic Oxley Highway, named after early explorer and surveyor John Oxley. These roads are known around Australia as among the best for motorcycle riding.

We’ll leave from our motorcycle training centre at Taree, with overnight motel accommodation in the beautiful New England town of Armidale, and return to the training centre the following day. Two days of approximately 350klm’s each day.


Along the way we will cross the Great Dividing Range, cross flowing rivers, visit some beautiful lookouts, and all the while practicing and developing our roadcraft skills along the way.

Your guides/ instructors for this tour/course will be Alex and Shane Cudlin. Both senior instructors at Fine Line, and both experienced guides, having conducted tours all over the world.

To make your tour more comfortable you will be followed the whole way by our support truck towing our special tour trailer which will carry all your baggage and overnight clothes, but is also capable of taking your bike if you were to break down or something was to happen. If this is your first tour, that should give you a lot of peace of mind.


• Fully guided two-day, one-night tour, with training and encouragement

• One-night motel accommodation

• Support vehicle that will carry all your luggage, some tools, and can take your bike to Armidale or Taree if needed.

• Our guides have emergency satellite communication equipment and are all first aid qualified.

• Anyone wishing to transport their bike to the start by trailer can leave their vehicle and trailer there overnight.



• A legally registered and roadworthy motorcycle that is capable of maintaining the speed limit on the open road. Most motorcycles over 250cc would be fine. This tour is not suitable for “Postie bikes” or “Grom” or scooters under 250cc.

• You must be legally licenced to ride the bike you bring and produce your licence for our inspection. A learner licence is fine.

• Meals, drinks and fuel are at your expense.

• We highly recommend NSW Ambulance cover. The cost of Ambulance transport is very high if needed and will be at your expense.

• Your own toiletries, medication, and pub clothes should all fit into one duffel bag along with anything else you need along the way, such as wet weather gear and so forth. This is to make transport of your luggage easier for everyone.

• Your motorcycle tool kit. We will have a range of tools in our support vehicle but some motorcycles require special tools for even a simple job. Especially important if you have a European motorcycle ( BMW, KTM, Aprilia etc), or American ( Harley Davidson, Indian etc).

• Your spare key (Yes, lost keys can mean ride finished and it’s happened before).

• A spare brake and clutch lever. (A simple car park tip over at McDonalds can break a lever and your bike is going nowhere).

• Have your bike serviced at least a week before the tour and do some miles on it so that you can be confident that nothing is wrong with the service.

This tour is aimed at fairly new riders, but it does entail two full days on open roads. You need to be capable of maintaining your speed limit when safe to do so. In other words, people on L’s and P’s should be comfortable at 90kph. Advanced riders on big bikes are welcome, but need to be aware that this is a tour for newbies. If your partner has a full licence and a big bike – no problem – bring them along.

We hope you can join us for training with a few laughs, some great roads and countryside, and have nothing worse than a sore bum at the end of the day.

25th / 26th February 2023


150 TO 250 Kilometres PER DAY

The tour Aussie Bike OR Hike have designed will be mostly dirt roads. places where traffic is at a minimum and wild life and sights are at a maximum!

Our aim is for the ride not to test you physically but to be enjoyable whilst still covering a decent distance. A lot of thought has gone into the route for our tours to make it as enjoyable as possible.

However if the riding distance is too far. Don't worry. we will have a back up van that can take you to the final destination.

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