Join us on an all included 2 day mountain biking tour, along the beautiful Mid North Coast of
NSW, Australia.

Day 1
We will park our cars at the historical Coopernook pub, then load our bikes into the Aussie Bike or
hike van to be transported to the starting point of our ride – the Hannamvale General Store. 

We will set off together, riding into the picturesque foothills and mountains.

We will ride for around 12k’s to arrive at our first rest stop – the superb and hidden Waitui Falls.
This waterfall is somewhat unknown and secret, but it is magnificent to see nestled into the natural

The Aussie Bike or Hike crew will be waiting there for us to have a snack of fruit and trail mix, check
out the hidden waterfall and rest our legs.

From there we will hop back onto our bikes and continue up the mountainside, seeing beautiful
views of the Manning Valley along the way, overlooking the countryside of Lansdowne.

We will continue climbing to 1300M before we reach the top at the glorious escarpment. 
We will stop and take time to take in the views from the lookout and enjoy some lunch and a cold
drink which will be waiting for us.

From there we will take our bikes and begin our descent back down to Coorabakh National Park
where will visit the scenic Newbys Caves with their natural shelter made from overhanging rock.

From there, we will continue the ride down the mountainside to eventually reach the township of
Coopernook and back to our cars and the night’s accommodation at the historic Coopernook Pub,
which is nestled on the riverfront.

We will enjoy an evening in the country charm of the pub, sharing a delicious meal together, as well
as some icy cold beers, all presented to us by the friendly guys at the Coopernook Pub.

Day 2
We will wake up early and eat a hearty breakfast of fruit, cereal, toast, tea and coffee. We will then
climb onto the bikes and start our second day’s adventure.

We will depart Coopernook Pub and ride through the township of Moorland and onto the dirt road
leading to Diamond Head. Our destination will be the popular camping grounds, where you can ogle
the panoramic ocean views and blackened pillars of Split Rock. Our staff will be waiting with another
tasty lunch and you will have a chance to pat some wild kangaroos or take a swim if you like.
From there we will continue our ride to Laurieton township and the end of our ride.
We will then load up the bikes into the trailer and transport you to your cars at Coopernook.

Day 1
Distance 55km
1300 metres climbing

Day 2
300 Metres climbing.
This ride is not easy.
It’s for riders that can manage a tough climb. It’s 90% dirt and 10 tarmac for the entire 2 days.
A very good level of fitness is required to take on this challenging ride.


Campers package
$190 Per person (includes, transport, camping, lunch, breakfast. Bring your own tent- buy your own
dinner and alcohol- note only a morning shower on day 2 is allowed for campers)


Accomodation package
$250 Per person (includes, transport, pub room-twin share, lunch, breakfast. 
(buy your own dinner and alcohol- hot shower whenever you want while staying in a room- Based on twin Share)

Ride only package 2 Days
$170 Per person (includes, transport, lunch. Buy your own dinner. (This is for those people who want to
go home at night and return the next day for the 2nd day of riding)

Minimum 4 people for a tour.
Maximum 20 people.
Any questions, please give me a call

$180 to $250AUD

Which Airport do I fly too?

Aussie Bike OR Hike operates from the New South Wales Mid North Coast of Australia.

The closest airport to our headquarters in Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie has both Qantas and Virgin airlines operating 4 flights each per day.

Once you have arrived at Port Macqaurie airport. One of the Aussie Bike OR Hike Staff will be waiting there to collect you and transport to the 1st nights accommodation.

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Animals you may see:


Superb lyrebird 


With a complex mimicking call and an elaborate courtship dance to match, the superb lyrebird is one of the most spectacular Australian animals. A bird watching must-see, the superb lyrebird can be found in rain-forests and wet woodlands across eastern NSW and Victoria



Swamp wallabi

The swamp wallaby, also known as the black wallaby or black pademelon, lives in the dense understorey of rainforests, woodlands and dry sclerophyll forest along eastern Australia. This unique Australian macropod has a dark black-grey coat with a distinctive light-coloured cheek stripe.


Common wombat

A large, squat marsupial, the Australian common wombat is a burrowing mammal found in coastal forests and mountain ranges across NSW and Victoria. The only other remaining species of wombat in NSW, the endangered southern hairy nosed wombat, was considered extinct until relatively recently.


Australian brush turkey

The Australian brush turkey, also known as bush or scrub turkey, can be found in rain-forests along eastern NSW. With a striking red head, blue-black plumage and booming call, these distinctive Australian birds are easy to spot while bird watching in several NSW national parks.


Common ringtail possum

Commonly found in forests, woodlands and leafy gardens across eastern NSW, the Australian ringtail possum is a tree-dwelling marsupial. With a powerful tail perfectly adapted to grasp objects, it forages in trees for eucalypt leaves, flowers and fru

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Taree South

New South Wales,

Australia 2430

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