"Inca Wonders"

South American Motorcycle Tour 2021


From the highest to the deepest, through the driest and the lushest, finding something lost and discovering mystery - you’ll experience it all on the “Inca Wonders Motorcycle Tour 2021"

Breathtaking scenery abounds in the diverse country of Peru - the sheer majesty of the Andes mountain range juxtaposed with the rich and lush Amazon rainforests, will only be a taste of things to come on this Peruvian tour.

Imagine yourself seeing the lost Incan city of Machu Picchu, or the ancient capital of the Incan empire, Cusco . You’ll revel in the splendour of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, and be in awe of the Nasca mysterious lines and figures on the pampa.
Riding through one of the driest deserts in the world and seeing one of the worlds deepest canyons, will be something you will never forget!

And you’ll do it all with former World Endurance Champion, Alex Cudlin, who will be your personal tour guide on this South American trip, sharing some of his favourite places in the world to visit on a motorcycle.


Itinerary for August 2021

  • Day 1: 14th August 2021 Arrival in Arequipa
  • Day 2: 15th August 2021 Arequipa - Puerto Inka
  • Day 3: 16th August 2021 Puerto Inka – Nasca
  • Day 4: 17th August 2021 Nasca – Chalhuanca
  • Day 5: 18th August 2021 Chalhuanca – Cusco
  • Day 6: 19th August 2021 Cusco REST DAY
  • Day 7: 20th August 2021 Cusco – Ollantaytambo
  • Day 8: 21st August 2021 Machu Picchu
  • Day 9: 22nd August 2021 Ollantaytambo - Quince Mil
  • Day 10: 23rd August 2021 Quince Mil – Juliaca
  • Day 11: 24th August 2021 Juliaca – Puno
  • Day 12: 25th August 2021 Puno - Colca Canyon
  • Day 13: 26th August 2021 Colca Canyon – Arequipa
  • Day 14: 27th August 2021 Arequipa - Home
Tour Highlights
  • Visit City of Arequipa. - Beautiful colonial (UNESCO) city in southern Perú
  • Visit the driest desert in the world 
  • See the mysterious figures and Nasca lines on the pampa  
  • Ride the High Andes Mountain ranges - Ride up to an altitude of 5.000 meters (16,500 feet)
  • See the Amazon Jungle and its bio diversity in the wild 
  • Guided tour of City of Cusco - Ancient capital of the Inca Empire 
  • Visit and be guided through Machu Picchu - The lost city of the Inca's (On everyone's bucket list)
  • Visit Lake Titicaca and visit the floating grass Island people by boat- Highest navigable lake in the world
  • Ride to the colca canyon - Deepest canyon in the world and home of the Andean Condor

Tour Inclusions

  • 13 Nights in tourist class hotels with private shower and toilet, including standard breakfast
  • Lunches on riding days
  • Motorcycle rental for the whole tour, unlimited kilometers/miles *
  • Fuel and tolls
  • Multi-lingual guide on a motor
  • Support-vehicle with driver/mechanic
  • World famous "Walking city tour in Cusco
  • Day-trip to Machu Picchu (Train-, bus- and entrance tickets + guide)
  • Entrance fee Colca Canyon
  • Boat cruise on Lake Titicaca
  • All airport transfers

Tour Exclusions

• Your flight to Arequipa (Peru)
• Visa
• All not mentioned entrance-fees for museums, parks, etc.
• All not mentioned meals
Motorcycle gear
• Optional Damage Reduction Insurance (Premium: US$ 180.00 / Max. deductible: US$ 500.00)
• Safety deposit for the motorcycle (with insurance: US$ 500.00 / without insurance US$ 2,500.00)
• Airport taxes
• Personal expenses (Dinner-Soft drinks- Alcohol etc)
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How much will it cost?

Price for Riders is AUD (Australian Dollar) $9000-00. Price for pillion passenger is AUD $5150-00

All Prices based on Twin Share rooms

Single rooms incur cost.

Contact us to find out

When is the Tour?
14th August 2022 - 27th August 2022
The Honda CB500X is the bike that is included in the tour. 
The CB500X midsized, parallel-twin-cylinder machine remains one of the most manoeuvrable, rider-friendly, easy-to-own motorcycles on the road and now performance updates encourage a greater sense of adventure.
With a 19” front wheel, more aggressive tyre treads, increased front and rear suspension travel and updated styling with a more upright riding position, the CB500X is truly adventure ready, and improvements to the engine’s intake tract, valve timing and exhaust result in increased torque and crisper throttle response.
We do allow the option to upgrade your bike at an extra cost.
The upgraded bikes are
  • BMW F 750 GS $600 USD
  • BMW F 850 GS $950 USD
  • BMW R1200 GS $1100 USD
  • BMW R1250 GS $1300 USD
  • Honda Africa twin $1000 USD
Difficulty Level:
5 out of 10
Dirt VS Road

Price for Riders is AUD (Australian Dollar) $9000-00.

Price for pillion passenger is AUD $5150-00

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Detailed Daily Itinerary
DAY 1: Arrival in Arequipa • Altitude: 2.300 meters (7,500 feet) 
You will arrive in Arequipa (Peru) on day one, the lively city in southern Peru. 
We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to the hotel. Your tour guide will do the briefing for the whole group about the upcoming tour and he will arrange the necessary paperwork and the "Safety Deposit" for the motorcycle with you.
The rest of the day is at leisure in Arequipa, a very nice colonial city with a friendly atmosphere. 
DAY 2: Arequipa - Puerto Inka • Distance: 410 km (255 mile) • Altitude: From 2.300 meters (7,500 feet) to sea level • Road Surface: All pavement
It is finally time to start our engines. To get out of the city is our first challenge. Then in about 50 kilomters we will reach the PanAmerican Highway and we will follow it northbound. In 140 kilometeres we'll reach the Pacific coast and follow the coast all the way to Puerto Inka.
Here we stay in a very nice hotel on a unique location. Next to the hotel you can find Inca ruins. Your tour guide will take you there for a little tour.
DAY 3: Puerto Inka - Nasca • Distance: 180 km (112 mile) • Altitude: From sea level to 500 meters (1650 feet) • Road Surface: All pavement (15 km of sand if you go to Chauchilla)
 We follow the PanAmericana northbound, through one of the driest deserts in the world. On our way to Nasca, world famous for its geoglyphs and lines only visible for the sky. In the afternoon there is the possibility to do a half an hour flight over the pampa. (customer to pay for optional flight)
DAY 4 Nasca - Chalhuanca • Distance: 361 km (225 mile) • Altitude: From 500 meter (1,650 feet), via 4.500 meter (14,800 feet) to 2.000 meter (6,560 feet) • Road Surface: All pavement
Directly from Nasca, the mighty Andes brings us to more than 4.200 meters, where we will meet the lamas, alpacas and vicuñas.
Here starts one of the best road for motorcycles in South America. If you have ever ridden the "Tail of the Dragon" in the USA, well this the same... but for hundreds of miles!!!
We pass touristless Puquio, a beautifull little village in the high Andes and then even higher over the Andes to Chalhuanca.
DAY 5: Chalhuanca - Cusco • Distance: 300 km (190 mile) • Altitude: From 2.000 meter (6,560 feet) to 3.500 meter (11,500 feet) • Road Surface: All pavement
After an early breakfast and enough of ascending and descending we will, via Abancay we arrive in one of the most beautiful cities of South-America: Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca's. 
DAY 6: Cusco REST DAY • Altitude: 3.500 meter (11,500 feet)  
After breakfast your tour guide will take you on "The World Famous Walking City Tour in Cusco". This is a 2,5 walking tour through the city center of Cusco. The rest of the day is to explore the city and its surroundings. Stroll it's little steep streets, the Plaza de Armas, local markets, the cathedral, museums, ruins of Sacsayhuaman and much more.
DAY 7: Cusco - Ollantaytambo • Distance: 80 km (50 mile) • Altitude: From 3.500 meter (11,500 feet) to 2.800 meter (9,200 feet) Road Surface: All pavement
From Cusco we ride into the "Sacred Valley of the Inca's". Here we will visit a variety of Inca ruins. Some well-known, some unknown, but very interesting. We'll end the day in Ollantatytambo.
DAY 8: Machu Picchu • Altitude: 2.430 meter (8,000 feet) • The absolute highlight of this tour:
Machu Picchu. There is still no road to this magical place. So, early in the morning you go by train to the little town of Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Pueblo). From there it is half an hour by bus to the entrance of the citadel. After your visit to the ruins you go back to Ollantaytambo by train.
DAY 9: Ollantaytambo - Quince Mil • Distance: 295 km (185 mile) Altitude: From 2.800 meter (9,200 feet) to 650 meter (2,135 feet) Road Surface: All pavement
Today we are back on the bikes again. On our way to Quince Mil, a little tropical village on the east side of the Andes. The paved road down hill is spectacular ! Probably the best motorcycle road you have EVER ridden. We stay in a little family-owned hotel in the jungle, with a relaxing atmosphere.
DAY 10: Quince Mil - Juliaca • Distance: 410 km (255 mile)  Altitude: From 650 meter (2,135 feet) to 3.800 meter (2135 feet) Road Surface: All pavement
Another extraordinary riding day, now uphill against the mighty Andes. As if you have to climb a wall with your motorcycle. The views are beautiful. After lunch in Macusani, we'll reach the city of Juliaca on the Altiplano, where we will stay the night.
DAY 11: Juliaca - Puno • Distance: 60 km (37 mile) Altitude: 3.800 meter (12,500 feet) • Road Surface: All pavement  
Today a short ride to the city on the shores of Lake Titicaca: Puno. That gives us the opportunity to visit the special Inca-site of Sillustani. In the afternoon we will do a boat cruise on the lake and visit the "Floating Islands of the Uros People". The rest of the day is at leisure.
DAY 12: Puno - Colca Canyon • Distance: 315 km (195 mile) • Altitude: from 3.800 meter (12,500 feet), via 4.910 meter (16,110 feet) to 3.600 meters (11,800 feet) • Road Surface: All pavement
We have to cross the Andes once again, East to West, to the Colca Canyon. The pay-offs are the spectacular views on the mighty Andes. We end the day near the town of Chivay. In the afternoon we can visit the local natural hot springs.  
DAY 13: Colca Canyon - Arequipa • Distance: 260 km (160 mile) • Altitude: from 3.600 meter (11,800 feet) to 2.300 meters (7,500 feet) • Road Surface: All pavement
An early start of the day, because the condors won't wait for us. In about an hour, and 20 kilometers of unpaved roads, we will reach "Cruz del Condor" in the heart of the Colca Canyon. Here you can see the Andean Condor in flight in its natural habitat. An amazing experience. After the condors, we'll have to leave to the city where this tour started: Arequipa. We will reach the city in the afternoon.
DAY 14: Arequipa - Home • Altitude: 2.300 meters (7,500 feet) 
Today we will take you to the airport for your flight back home.

What the customers are saying:



I have had an unbelievably great time in India. Never in a million years would I have attempted to do this trip on my own, let alone attempt the highest motorable pass in THE WORLD!!!!!

Alex and Shane Cudlin have been an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience and managed to get this road rider, through some of the toughest roads and trickiest conditions in India.

Many, many thanks for the insane, magical and crazy experience, Ill never forget. Highly, highly recommend!!

Ashley Debakker (First female customer)

Who is your Guide

Alex Cudlin, the owner and head guide of "Aussie Bike or Hike".

Alex Cudlin’s love for the great outdoors was built from a very young age, having grown up on a small farm in Australia with his parents and an older brother and sister. After completing his apprenticeship as a motorcycle mechanic in his parent’s country motorcycle dealership, at just 17 years of age, Alex moved to Europe to follow his dream and become a professional motorcycle racer.

Alex competed in the World Endurance Championships all over Europe, Asia and Middle East, becoming World Champion in 2010 and 2013.

Alex lived and raced in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, for a total of 12 years winning a total of 2 World championships, top 3 finish in the World championship 5 times, 7 national championships and a lot of race wins.

Throughout this journey of traveling the world racing motorcycles, Alex’s love for mountain biking and hiking grew.

Using it as part of his training regime for his motorcycle racing career, Alex cycled roads in Qatar (Middle east), pedaled the hills of the French Alps, Mountain biked in England and Scotland, trekked the mountain region of Lebanon, hiked the hills of Switzerland, walked the roads of India, and visited monuments in Indonesia and many other countries throughout his travels.

Alex then returned to Australia and decided to start an adventure company that brought together those 3 loves - Motorcycles, Mountain Biking and Hiking.

Alex has a wealth of experience and expertise and wants to share his love of these 3 pur-suits.

Other Important Information

The Bikes Insurance Policy 


Additional Damage Reduction Insurance (in short !) 
Aussie Bike or Hike strongly advise their clients to obtain a health travel insurance with maximum coverage in Peru for the length of this tour. This is mandatory and failure to comply with this will result in no entry on the tour.
Damage to the rental motorcycle and third party property damage:
The Additional Damage Reduction Insurance premium cover is US$ 180.00 cash (US$ 240.00 credit card) per motorcycle. with an excess/deductible of max. US$ 500.00, which is also the amount of the "Security Deposit" (cash or major credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Diners Club)
For those that don’t want to pay can also rider
Without motorcycle insurance, however the rider of the motorcycle is fully liable for all costs of damage to the rental motorcycle and third party property. In this case the "Security Deposit" is US$ 2,500.00 (cash or major credit card), but your maximum risk is NOT LIMITED to this amount !
We recommend taking the $180 USD Option!

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