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2 Day Adventure Ride- Taree to Armidale

BRASS MONKEY - 2 Day Adventure Ride- Taree to Armidale

With a name like that, you can tell it’s a little chilly on this ride. But that’s part of the adventure.

The Brass Monkey takes us from our Fine Line Rider Training Centre at 41 Whitbread Street, Taree, to our overnight stop in Armidale, via Walcha and Uralla, then back home again via Kempsey and Ellenborough. In keeping with our “dirt road touring” theme, we will be covering as many awesome dirt roads and tarmac back country roads as possible, making this ride great for all size bikes, particularly larger adventure bikes, so that Big BMW or Super Tenere will be right at home for this one.

At this time of the year, it’s not uncommon to get snow on the highlands, especially in the New England area, so those 50/50 dirt/tar tires will still be the minimum standard for the wise adventurer. Having said that though, we will not be taking you down any “Off road” or “single line” trails. It’s all gazetted government roads.

Here’s what makes the Brass Monkey a bit more of a challenge to our previous rides:

1. The cold. On our pre-rides and scouting rides, we encountered below freezing temperatures at times. We had ice forming on our bikes.

2. The distance. Nothing we do on this ride is physically harder than previous rides, but this ride will have you making an early start and riding ALL DAY.

So, let’s just talk about how we can make this adventure more exciting without increasing the risk or discomfort.

Essential on this ride will be good quality motorcycle clothing. That footy jumper and jeans ain’t going to make it on this one. You’re really going to need to stay warm. There are two ways to do that:

1. Layering. That is - thermal underwear or long johns, followed by another layer, such as a warm shirt and pants, followed by another layer, such as a fleece jumper, then your winter lining inside your winter jacket and motorcycle pants.

Don’t forget, two pairs of socks, glove liners, a balaclava and neck warmer. I’ve spent my early years riding around in all this stuff. Not only is it bulky, heavy and cumbersome, but restricts your mobility greatly. Even just getting on and off your bike is a real mission with all that gear on. On top of that, when things warm up in the middle of the day, you need to take half of it off again, only to put it back on as the sun starts its descent in the sky. BUT.. it will keep you warm..ish.

2. So, what’s the answer? Electric heated gear. Yes, believe it or not, electric heated gear has been around for motorcycle riders for years and still most people don’t even know it’s available. Two main types are available now - Bike powered or battery powered. Both are great, but obviously bike powered can last all day. You simply wear some light weight clothing next to your skin - something thin like your summer motocross shirt and some really thin cycling pants. You actually remove the winter lining from your regular motorcycle pants and jacket, and wear your heated jacket and pants liner instead, then put your favourite motorcycle jacket and pants right over the top. No looking like the Michellin Man. No excess bulk or restricted movement, and no stopping all the time to remove or add clothing. Just turn the heat up or down like an electric blanket. Awesome. For those of you who suffer with cold hands and feet, get the electric socks and gloves too. You’ll never miss another ride again because “it’s too cold”. It’s never too cold with this stuff.

If you’re wondering where to get dedicated electric motorcycle gear from, Alex has worked out a deal for you with “Warm and Safe” a company dedicated to providing heated liners for motorcycle riders.

You can check out their website here

Use discount code #aussiebike to receive a discount. We use and thoroughly recommend this gear.


On top of that, it’s a good idea to have top of the line protective gear and that’s where “Shark Motorcycle” come in handy. They offer a massive range of gear to suit your needs.

Use the code #aussiebike to receive a discount too!


So, now let’s talk about the distance. As we’ve said before, these are adventure rides, not trail rides or enduro rides. None of the terrain we go on is any more difficult than previous rides, but we are now starting to stretch our reach and adventure further. One way to do this is to take more days to do the ride – say three or four days instead of one weekend, but we know that as much as we like riding, work and family commitments limit our days off. So, another way is to cover more ground each day. Not by going faster, but by stopping less, and being more efficient in our preparation when we do stop. So, on this ride, we will be leaving at 8.00am both mornings and getting to the end each day just before sunset. We’ll still have a lunch stop and the odd toilet break but they’ll be fairly efficient because we’ll need to keep moving. You will need to be able to maintain an efficient steady cruising speed all day.

Sooo… sounds like a nice challenge? Ever done close to 400 klm dirt day before? Every ridden in snow before? Well why don’t you come with us and give it a go.


DAY 1 Distance 260K

DAY 2 Distance 380K

As with all out themed tours and rides, we provide the following:


(day 2 we will be reaching Kempsey by about 1pm- Anyone that wants to ride straight home can go down highway- anyone that wants to continue the ride will be roughly arriving back at Taree around 4:30pm)

• Expert guidance from qualified and experienced instructor/guides that are First Aid qualified, equipped with emergency satellite communication, and ready to assist.

• A 4X4 support vehicle with motorcycle trailer in case of breakdowns, and to carry some of that heavy luggage to make your bike lighter.

• Overnight motel accommodation in Armidale. (Food and drinks at customer expense).

• Car and trailer parking at our Training Centre for anyone trailering their bike to the start (park at your own risk)

• Lunch on Day 1.

• Day 2 we will be stopping at a service centre with Subway and Macdonalds. Customers can buy their own choice of lunch on Day 2.




You need to provide:

• A legal registered trail or adventure style motorcycle with at least 200klm fuel range.

• We recommend a 50/50 road/dirt type tyre for this kind of riding.

• Hire bikes are available for the two days for the added cost of $300 (limited numbers available).

• Your food and drink at your own expense

• Personal riding equipment such as helmet, jacket etc.

• A sense of fun and light adventure with a willingness to take some challenges along the way.

The full cost of the two-day ride is $385 per person share accommodation. Single accommodation will incur an extra fee of $80.00

The feeling of support you can only get by riding with people who you know are experienced and professional.

NOTE - Refunds are only available up to 7 days prior to the event. No refunds, transfers or credits are available within 7 days of the event.

By continuing with your booking you agree to the refund policy and acknowledge that you have read and understand the details regarding this event.

This is not a course, but a fun ride. Every person who attends this ride acknowledges that motorcycle riding can be inherently dangerous and that they undertake this ride at their own risk.

These tours are the best way for new riders to get a feel for dirt touring and adventure riding with minimal risk. It’s a great introduction to adventure riding with some fun and companionship built in.




40 % tarmac – 60% dirt


Approximately to 640 kilometres over 2 days.




First 20 riders ONLY


Ride, including Shared Accommodation. $385.00

Hire Bike, Honda XR-190cc $300.00

Included in price

Guided motorcycle adventure

2 days of premium riding roads

1 night of accommodation

All permits to access region

National Parks & State Forests

Nightly briefings

Pre ridden & assessed routes

Incredible scenery

Creek crossings

Basic Mechanical support

Back up bike transport if needed

First aid medical support

Luggage transport

Safety sweep truck on route


What’s not included:

Fuel for your bike

Travel insurance

Food and drinks on tour

Hire Bikes



TOUR fee refunds

There are no refunds in the following situations:

• Lateness in attending the TOUR

• Delays caused by traffic or motor vehicle incidents

• Bad weather conditions

• If you cancel within 7 days of the commencement of your TOUR

• Non attendance for any reason




27th / 28th May 2023


250 to 400 Kilometres PER DAY

The tour Aussie Bike OR Hike have designed will be mostly dirt roads. places where traffic is at a minimum and wild life and sights are at a maximum!

Our aim is for the ride not to test you physically but to be enjoyable whilst still covering a decent distance. A lot of thought has gone into the route for our tours to make it as enjoyable as possible.

However if the riding distance is too far. Don't worry. we will have a back up van that can take you to the final destination.

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