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If you’ve ever wanted to experience a feeling of being surrounded by true emptiness and remoteness, where the only thing between you and the horizon is a few blades of grass and that red dirt, where the wind whistles and echoes across the plains and the sun beats down relentlessly, then join us on our “Outback Jack Motorcycle Tour”. It’s where two wheeled outback adventure and fun join as one, and probably the closest feeling you will ever get to standing on Mars

Be prepared for some fun riding and a chance to tick one of the most iconic Aussie trips off your Bucket List.

You’ll ride through lots of rugged trails and red dirt, crossing 3 states, whilst exploring areas like Broken Hill, and the beautiful Flinders Ranges!,

You’ll also discover some of the Outback’s most remote and hallowed areas like Birdsville, Cameron Corner, the Strzelecki Track , Birdsville Track and The Simpson Desert.

You’ll get to ride up Big Red, a sand dune which marks the symbolic edge of the Simpson Desert and stands well over 30 meters tall; the tallest sand dune in Australia and let’s not forget the infamous Dingo Fence, which you will see firsthand. This fence spans 5614 km in length and was designed to exclude pests in the Outback region!



Itinerary for  2024

Day 1: 20h July 2024-  Arrival in Broken Hill

Day 2:  21st July 2024– Broken Hill to Hawker

Day 3:  22nd July 2024– Hawker to Maree

Day 4: 23rd July 2024– Maree to Birdsville

Day 5: 24th  July 2024–Birdsville rest day

Day 6: 25th  July 2024– Birdsville to Innamincka

Day 7: 26th  July 2024– Innamincka to Tibooburra

Day 8: 27th  July 2024– Tibooburra to Broken Hill  

Tour Highlights 

  • Ride the Filnders Ranges of South Australia

  • Visit Birdsville

  • Visit Cameron corner and stand in 3 states at the same time.

  • Experience true outback Australia

  • Visit Broken hill

  • Visit Betoota Pub (Population of 1 person lives in the town)​.

  • Ride Big Red Sand Dune

  • Ride the edge of the Simpson Desert

  • See part of the 5614-kilometre-long Dog Fence

  • Ride the famous Strzelecki track.

  • Ride the famous Birdsville track

  • Visit Innamincka township.

  • Ride and be guided by 2 times Motorcycle World Champion Alex Cudlin and hear his yarns each night about his racing days. 

  • Back up vehicle to carry your baggage, so you can just enjoy the ride.

  • Have all the route, food stops, and fuel stops planned for you. Take away the stress of planning this ride and just follow Alex.

  • Accommodation (Motels) the entire trip – No Camping in the hot sun like other tour companys.

Tour Inclusions 


  • 8 Day Outback Motorcycle tour

  • 8 days of adventure riding with a “Aussie Bike or Hike” Guide leading the way. 

  • Ride with 2 x Motorcycle World Champion Alex Cudlin as he leads the way for this tour. 

  • 7 nights of accommodation. Accommodation will be based on Twin share room (2 beds). We are staying in remote outback towns, so accommodation will be motels.

  • We offer 7 exclusive single-bed rooms along the route for an extra charge.

To ensure a peaceful journey for all, we recommend booking a single room if you're a light sleeper, traveling alone, or prone to snoring. There are only seven single rooms available, after which passengers will be placed in twin rooms. Your comfort is our priority.

  • Luggage Support. We will carry your bag

  • A maximum of 1x 55 litre bag, we will carry for you. If you want to carry more, pack it in your panniers. 

  • Support Vehicle- The support vehicle is there to carry everyone’s bags and will carry a medical first aid kit, a Garmin In-Reach communication system for emergencies and a toolbox to help with any minor mechanical issues. The support vehicle will have a trailer being towed which has the ability to carry 2 bikes should some customers encounter a problem.

  • Event “Outback Jack 2024 Tour” T shirt 

  • Map of each day’s ride when we start the ride 




Super Early Bird $2950.00 Book before 31/12/23


Early Bird $3300.00 Book after 31/12/24 and before 25/02/24


Normal Price $ 3950.00 After 25/02/24


Single Room upgrade is  $1050.00 (This means you’ll have your own room. No sharing with someone else)

20th July to 27th July 2024

Other Important Information

Parking car and trailer for tour

For those embarking on a journey from afar to join our tour and want to trailer their car and trailer to Broken hill. The local caravan parks said you can leave your car and trailer on one of their sites for $30.00 per night. However this needs to be booked directly with the park yourself.

This is not included in the price of the tour.

.Your seamless adventure awaits!

What the customers are saying:

What an absolutely awesome tour! To get a true showing of Outback Australia. The roads Aussie Bike or Hike team chose for this trip and the places we saw along the way were awesome. Every motel was good, and Alex is a legend of a guide.

The reason I chose these guys is they arranged everything for us. All I had to do each day was ride and enjoy a beer at the end of the day. I didn't need to plan where we would eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I didn't need to plan where the fuel stops would be, and I didn't need to plan if roads were closed or open. The Aussie Bike or Hike team did that. And if I broke down, they would help me get sorted. So I was stress-free. These guys should charge double for the great service they offer.

Robert Macpherson – Outback Jack 2023

What the customers are saying:

Absolutely mind-blowing!


This tour is nothing short of phenomenal, flawlessly executed. It's my 4th tour with them, and it never fails to amaze.

These folks are true masters at ensuring a fantastic time. From selecting the best roads to choosing charming accommodations and fascinating stops, they've got it all covered.

When a fellow rider faced a flat tyre, these pros swiftly handled it, ensuring the tour never missed a beat. I enjoyed it so much that I'm already planning my next booking.

Unreal adventures await!

Malcolm Smith, Outback Jack 2022 - Van Diemans 2022 and Van Diemans 2023 , Great Escape 2021.

What You NEED!

·A well serviced motorcycle that can travel 300 kilometres per day at the speed limit along dirt roads.

·Adventure off road tyres. (No Road tyres allowed on the tour. Off Road style tyres are compulsory for the “Outback Jack Tour”)

·Motorcycle Licence

·Off Road Riding Safety Gear

·Off Road Style Boots

·Ambulance Cover

·Domestic Travel Insurance and accident Insurance

·Maximum 1 x 55L Soft Luggage Bag (Your luggage which will be placed in the trailer. Must be no bigger than 55L and must be a soft bag.)

·The ability to be able to ride in the dirt

·Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and fuel for the motorcycle is at the customers expense. away.

Detailed Daily Itinerary

•DAY 1: Arrival to Outback Broken Hill Resort

Day 1 unveils an extraordinary adventure as we converge in the remarkable and storied Outback gem of New South Wales: Broken Hill.

Here, the rendezvous awaits, where you'll be introduced to your esteemed "Aussie Bike or Hike" guides. An exhilarating atmosphere fills the air as riders from all walks of life gather, setting the stage for camaraderie that will define our journey from the very start.

Broken Hill, steeped in the lore of its mining heritage and adorned with vibrant characters, serves as our inaugural taste of the Outback's soul. It's a town where history echoes through every corner and where the spirit of adventure awaits around every corner.

You can leave your car and trailer in broken hill at a cost of $30.00 per Day with the local caravan park. Please contact us to find out more about this.

(Accommodation at resort – Welcome Meal – T shirt and Goodie Bag Included)

DAY 2:  Broken Hill to Hawker - 380 Kilometre

Departing from the historic mining town of Broken Hill, our expedition sets its compass due West. Today's journey is an immersive introduction to the untamed beauty of the Outback, where we'll traverse a captivating blend of dirt roads and smooth tarmac.

town of Hawker, nestled at the threshold of the awe-inspiring Flinders Ranges. These majestic mountains, with their dramatic vistas, untamed terrain, and captivating geological wonders, have earned their renown throughout South Australia and beyond. Hawker beckons us to embark on an adventure into this rugged realm.

As the sun begins to set, we'll savor a delectable meal at the local pub, replenishing our spirits and preparing for the exhilarating escapades that await us in the days ahead.


(Accommodation Included)

•DAY 3:  Hawker to Maree- 450 Kilometre

Departing from the heart of the untamed Outback in Hawker, our compass points us North West, towards an unforgettable destination: Maree.

This leg of our journey promises to be a visual masterpiece, an exhilarating ride that will etch its beauty into your memory. As we delve deep into the captivating embrace of the Flinders Ranges, dust will dance upon our skin, and the rugged magnificence of the mountains will envelop us at every turn.

Our path guides us through the glorious expanse of Wilpena Pound, a place renowned for its enigmatic allure. This natural wonder will leave you in awe, inviting you to discover what makes it truly famous.

Now, if you trace your fingers along the map from Hawker to Maree, you might notice the presence of tar roads. But fret not, for we're leaving those behind, opting for the exhilarating embrace of dirt roads that will dominate our journey. Get ready to connect with the essence of the Outback as we venture into the heart of the wilderness.

And for those yearning to spot the iconic denizens of the Outback – kangaroos, emus, and even the regal camel – today's ride holds the promise of unforgettable encounters. As the sun sets, we'll rest our weary steeds in Maree, precisely where the legendary Birdsville Track begins, marking the culmination of an extraordinary day's journey.

(Accommodation Included)

•DAY 4: Maree to Birdsville – 510 Kilometre

Prepare to be thrilled and exhilarated!

Today is the day when we embark on an epic adventure, conquering none other than the legendary "Birdsville Track" en route to our coveted destination, Birdsville itself

The Birdsville Track stands as a testament to the untamed spirit of the Outback, its name synonymous with remote and challenging road conditions. This iconic route leads us through the vast, barren expanse of the Australian Outback, where every mile is a promise of adventure and discovery.

With roots dating back to the late 1800s, this track is steeped in history. Originally established as a vital stock route, it played a pivotal role in the transportation of cattle from the vast Queensland hinterlands to the railhead in South Australia.

Today, we embark on a long, dusty odyssey through endless open vistas, immersing ourselves in the breathtaking beauty of the Australian Outback. As the sun sets, we'll find our well-deserved reprieve at the illustrious Birdsville Hotel, where stories and camaraderie await, and where you'll savor a drink earned through the day's thrilling journey.

(Accommodation Included)

•DAY 5: Birdsville – Big Red- Rest Day

Today is the well-deserved rest day you've been waiting for, a day to immerse yourself in the wonders of Birdsville. It's a respite from the rigors of our journey, a chance to luxuriate in slumber and inspect your trusty steed, all without the constraints of a tight schedule.

As the sun gently kisses the day awake and the aroma of freshly brewed caffeine fills the air, we'll don our gear, gearing up for an exhilarating ride to the famed "Big Red" Sand dune. An adventure beckons, for we shall dare to conquer its towering summit.

The entire day is ours to relish, an opportunity to capture a group photo atop this iconic hill. So, be sure to bring along your favorite thirst-quenching Gatorade and have your hands poised for a makeshift shovel to craft unforgettable memories in the soft sands.

After the thrill of our ascent, we'll gracefully descend, returning to Birdsville for a refreshing cold beer and a delectable camel pie – the perfect culmination of a day filled with adventure and camaraderie.


 (Accommodation Included)

•DAY 6: Birdsville to Innamincka – 520k (The biggest day of the ride)

Fortunate are we to have indulged in a restful day of reprieve yesterday, for today's journey promises an epic odyssey, a vast expanse of dirt roads, and an appetite as grand as the adventure itself.

Our day begins with a hearty breakfast at the bakery within the hallowed Betoota Hotel, a place famed for having just one solitary resident in the entire town. Here, you'll taste the very essence of the Outback, and the experience alone is worth the tour fee.

Today, as we rev up for the ultimate ride, prepare for a day of epic proportions in the saddle. Our ultimate destination: the historic township of Innamincka.

Innamincka's fame echoes through the annals of history, etched there by the ill-fated explorers, Burke and Wills, on their ambitious journey across the heart of Australia. This land was once the ancestral home of the Yandrumandha, Dieri, and Yarrawarrka Aboriginal peoples before being officially declared a township in 1890. The first European to set eyes upon this realm was none other than Charles Sturt in 1845, paving the way for the legendary expeditions of Burke and Wills in 1861. Their memory is immortalized by a monument in Innamincka, a poignant tribute erected in 1944.

Before we retire for the night in Innamincka, we shall pause at the iconic "Dig Tree" to pay our solemn respects to the explorers who paved the way for our unforgettable adventure into the heart of the Outback.

(Accommodation Included)

DAY 7: Innamincka to Tibooburra- 350 Kilometres

Today, we catapult ourselves headlong into the adrenaline-charged world of riding, ticking off an exhilarating achievement. But hold onto your helmets, for we are about to conquer none other than the legendary Strzelecki Track, a monumental feat that garners yet another triumphant checkmark. But the thrill doesn't conclude here; get ready for an extraordinary experience as we raise our glasses for a toast spanning not one, not two, but a triumphant trio of states.

The Strzelecki Track, born in 1870 under the audacious vision of cattle thief Harry Readford, stands as a monument to human resilience and daring. His epic journey, herding a thousand cattle south from Queensland, gave birth to this iconic route. In a twist of fate, although found guilty of cattle theft, the judge was so captivated by Harry's contribution to future pastoralists through the creation of this trail that he couldn't bear to convict him. Along our path, we'll encounter a segment of the storied Dingo Fence, an engineering marvel built in the 1880s, stretching a staggering 5,600 kilometers and ranking as one of the world's most impressive man-made structures.

Our ride along the Strzelecki Track will lead us to an iconic crossroads in the vast Australian Outback, Cameron Corner, where the borders of New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland come together in an extraordinary convergence. Here, before the plaque marking this unique meeting point, we'll raise our glasses to celebrate the phenomenal journey we've undertaken thus far. It's a monumental achievement for all the riders who have ventured this far, a momentous milestone that will linger in our memories.

Our ultimate destination, Tibooburra, will become the backdrop for a joyous celebration, a fitting tribute to the boundless enjoyment we've shared throughout this epic voyage. This evening marks our final night together as tomorrow we set sail for Broken Hill, the crescendo of an adventure that has taken us to the very heart of the Outback.

•(Accommodation Included)

DAY 8: Tibooburra to Broken Hill- - 400 Kilometres

Our Grand Finale! By now, you've likely felt the thrill of the ride in your bones, your trusty steed adorned in the badge of adventure, and your attire bearing the sweat of the journey. Yet, amidst the weariness, you've also forged memories that will echo through the ages, a genuine and profound Outback odyssey.

Our ultimate day leads us back to Broken Hill, the return journey to your cherished vehicles, a journey crowned with grandeur.

We'll pay homage to the towns of Milparinka, weaving the dirt tapestry of our final ride. A splendid lunch stop awaits at the charming country pub of Packsaddle, a respite before we hit the tarmac for the first time in a while, tracing our path back to the very town that witnessed the birth of this unforgettable 8-day adventure.

As we gather, you'll find embraces, cheers, and perhaps even a tear or two, for we've become a family, bonded by the shared experiences of this extraordinary journey. Each rider stands at a crossroads: some may choose to continue, chasing their own horizons, while others may seek solace in the welcoming arms of broken Hill’s many accommodations, resting their weary heads, savoring the camaraderie, and reminiscing about the epic ride that brought them here.

Accommodation is arranged customer’s discretion on this night and isn’t included in the tour.

Information pack with FAQ
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