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Embarking on the world of adventure motorcycling is often perceived as a breeze by some. Just throw a leg over and hit the road, they say.

While that might be true from one perspective, what if the idea of venturing into the unknown, solo, leaves you with a lingering sense of unease? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, welcome to the club—I was once right there with you.

As a middle-aged rider, armed with a license and a bike, I found myself wanting to explore more of the great dirt roads that Australia has to offer, but prospect of solo exploration raised a myriad of questions in my mind.

What if my bike breaks down out in the bush?

How do I navigate dirt roads that can sometimes be quite uneven and slippery?

What's the best approach to tricky corners?

And the list goes on. With little experience, I was simply lacking the confidence to tackle off road riding on my own. The "just go and learn along the way" advice didn't quite resonate with me.

I wanted a more guided approach, a way to build my skills and confidence without the bumps and bruises that might come with the "hard way."

I started to scour the web, and that's when I stumbled on the perfect solution: the 2 Day ADVENTURE KICKSTART TUITION/TOUR, run by Fine Line Rider Training and Aussie Bike or Hike - two really experienced companies. One experienced in training. The other in all types of motorcycle touring. When I read about the tour it seemed tailor-made for someone like me—a rider seeking to explore off road riding and improve my riding skills safely at the same time. I booked my spot, with a mix of excitement and nervousness.

I had no need to worry though, because right from the start the two guys running the ride made me feel confident and secure. It was clear from the start that Alex Cudlin, from "Aussie Bike or Hike" and Shane Cudlin, from "Fine Line Rider Training” knew their stuff. Alex Cudlin, a two-time motorcycle world champion, spearheads Aussie Bike or Hike, an organization renowned for running motorcycle adventures across eight different countries. On the other side of the spectrum, Shane Cudlin, an experienced motorcycle trainer, heads Fine Line Rider Training, a facility with an impressive track record of training over 60,000 motorcycle students.

The Perfect Launchpad

One of the standout features of this tour was the convenience it offered. The adventure commenced at the 10 acre dedicated rider training facility in Taree, where riders could park their cars and trailers without worry.

This allowed us to focus solely on the upcoming adventure, without the hassle of leaving vehicles on the street or riding to the starting point.The expertise of both of these guys became evident as the Adventure Kickstart began with a practical off road skills riding session that all the riders took part in. There were a mix of riders.

Some, like me, who were newbies to the whole off road riding scene, and a bit nervous about the whole thing, and others who had loads of riding experience, but still wanted to hone their skills and travel off road safely with a guide and group of like minded riders, knowing that there was lots of back up if you needed it.

Stress-Free Riding

One of the most liberating aspects of the tour was the lack of stress about the route we were going to take. The entire journey was meticulously organized, with a lead rider guiding the way and a sweep rider ensuring no one was left behind. The corner man system was expertly explained during the rider’s briefing in the morning, something else I’d never done before and it allowed us to then focus on the ride itself, knowing that we were in capable hands.

Creating Unforgettable Moments

As we navigated through the carefully planned route, the Aussie scenery unfolded and didn’t disappoint. We covered loads of scenic dirt roads and tarred stretches, with lots of causeway crossings along the way. The route planned by these guys spanned 150 to 250 kilometres each day, and was designed to be a little tough, but not too physically taxing, ensuring that riders of all levels could enjoy the experience.

The Ultimate Support System

The level of support provided by the organizers was great.

A 4X4 support vehicle trailed behind us, equipped with a motorcycle trailer for any breakdowns and to lighten the load for those who preferred not to carry heavy luggage. It gave you confidence knowing that if something did go wrong on the ride, that there was back up quickly on hand.

A Night of Insight

The evening in Gloucester, our overnight stop, was dedicated to an information session that proved invaluable. Covering essentials for adventure rides, from gear selection to tire-plugging techniques, the session imparted a wealth of knowledge and I soaked it all up.


In conclusion, the "Kickstarter Adventure Tuition Tour" is more than just a ride; it's a well crafted blend of training and adventure. I learned loads of stuff about riding off road, gained a lot of confidence and met sone great people along the way.Whether you're a novice rider, eager to conquer the dirt or a seasoned rider seeking camaraderie and new challenges, this tour offers it all.

With expert guidance, a well-thought-out route, and a supportive team, it's a journey that leaves an indelible mark, proving that, as these guys say, the best adventures aren't just about the destination; they're about the entire journey.

So, dust off your helmet, rev up your engine, and join the next Adventure Tuition Tour for an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime


WHEN: 17/18 February 2024

WHERE: Fine Line Rider Training - 41 Whitbread Street Taree, NSW 2430


  • Super Early Bird $310.00 Book before 31/12/23

  • Early Bird $350.00 Book after 31/12/23 and before 31/01/24

  • Normal Price $395.00 After 31/01/24

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