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"Pedals and Pines: A Two-Day Gravel Biking Extravaganza on the Mid North Coast" - Bicycle Tour

"Laughs, Landscapes, and Lemon Curd Cakes – A Ride to Remember with Aussie Bike or Hike"

Introduction: A Call to Adventure

Picture this: You, a humble adventurer, embarking on a two-day gravel biking escapade along the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. The promise of breathtaking landscapes, adrenaline-pumping trails, and the guarantee of an unforgettable journey awaits. Welcome to the world of Aussie Bike or Hike, where every pedal stroke is a step closer to nature's grandeur and a laugh-filled memory.

Day 1: Coastal Trails and Coffee Breaks

The journey kicks off in the coastal haven of Old Bar, where salty breezes blend with the anticipation of adventure. Guided by none other than the Motorcycle World Endurance Champion, Alex Cudlin, the group sets out on a coastal cycle path, immersing in the beauty of the seaside. As we pedal into the wild, navigating link trails and dirt roads, it becomes clear – this is not just a ride; it's a comedy on wheels.

Our first stop at Rainbow Flat promises not just a rest but a cup of energizing coffee to fuel the laughter. It's a moment to catch our breath, share stories, and marvel at the beauty around. The ride continues, and the trails unfold like a well-rehearsed comedy sketch, each twist revealing a new punchline – or in this case, a new spectacle.

Black Head Beach, an award-winning gem, becomes our stage for a scrumptious lunch. As we indulge in the culinary delights prepared by the Aussie Bike or Hike crew, the beauty of this coastal paradise unfolds – pristine shores, Norfolk Island Pines, and inviting ocean pools. It's not just a meal; it's a symphony of flavors against a backdrop of nature's brilliance.

And what's a comedy without a bit of unexpected drama? Fear not, for our support vehicle, equipped with tools, spare parts, and the knowledge of a seasoned guide, is always ready for a mechanical encore. A seamless blend of humor and safety – that's the Aussie Bike or Hike way.

As we pedal the legendary "Nine Mile Beach" and coast into Tuncurry, the day's curtain falls, and a well-deserved cold drink awaits. The crew loads our bikes onto the custom-built trailer, and we're whisked back to the welcoming arms of the Old Bar Motel – our home for the night.

Old Bar Motel: Where Comfort Meets Adventure

Nestled in the heart of Old Bar, the Old Bar Motel becomes our sanctuary. A short walk from the beach, with Club Old Bar offering dining, drinks, and event facilities, it's not just accommodation – it's an experience. The comfort of a good night's sleep is matched only by the assurance that tomorrow holds another day of laughter, landscapes, and lemon curd cakes.

Day 2: From Coopernook to North Haven – A Symphony of Scenery

Day 2 begins with a dose of excitement as our bikes are loaded onto the trailer, ready to transport us to the vibrant Coopernook Hotel. The cycling adventure resumes, taking us through Moorland and onto a dirt road leading to the majestic Diamond Head. As the wheels turn, so does the page in our comedy script, each scene more exhilarating than the last.

The camping grounds at Diamond Head offer panoramic ocean views and the blackened pillars of Split Rock. It's not just a stop; it's a moment to catch our breath and soak in the awe-inspiring beauty. Our friendly staff awaits with another mouthwatering lunch, providing fuel for both body and laughter.

The journey to Dunbogan unfolds like a well-scripted plot, with cycle paths weaving through picturesque landscapes. Camden Haven, with the Charles Hammey lookout, becomes a backdrop for breathtaking sights. The final 10 kilometers to North Haven mark the crescendo of our adventure.

As we bid farewell to the vibrant North Haven, our bikes are loaded onto the trailer once more. The laughter echoes as we reminisce about the shared experiences, the camaraderie forged on the trails, and the incredible landscapes that will forever be etched in our memories.

Lunch: A Culinary Delight on Two Wheels

A highlight of the journey is the homemade gourmet lunch, a culinary masterpiece prepared by the Aussie Bike or Hike staff. Bacon and vegetable cheese tarts, ham and salad rolls, chicken and salad rolls – it's a feast on wheels. Fresh fruits and cakes – orange poppy seed with lemon curd and blueberry with white chocolate – add the perfect sweet note. The menu is not just sustenance; it's a celebration of flavors, ensuring you're full not just of food but of joy.

The Aussie Bike or Hike Experience: More than Just a Ride

This gravel biking adventure is not just about conquering trails; it's about embracing the unexpected, finding joy in each pedal stroke, and savoring the camaraderie of fellow adventurers. The meticulous organization, led by the experienced Alex Cudlin, ensures not just safety but a seamless blend of fun and excitement.

The mix of tarmac and dirt roads, the backup vehicle with a first aid kit, and the guided ride provide a sense of security that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the Mid North Coast. It's not just a ride; it's a guided symphony through landscapes that defy ordinary description.

Conclusion: A Ride to Remember

As the wheels of our bikes come to a rest, and the laughter fades into the night, it's clear – this was more than just a gravel biking tour. It was a comedy, an adventure, a culinary delight, and a journey that transcended the ordinary. The Mid North Coast's beauty, paired with the Aussie Bike or Hike experience, creates a tapestry of memories that will forever linger in the hearts of those fortunate enough to join this extraordinary escapade.

So, if you're seeking an adventure filled with laughter, breathtaking landscapes, delectable food, and the chance to forge lasting connections, the Aussie Bike or Hike gravel biking tour is your ticket to an experience like no other. Break free from the ordinary and pedal into a world where every twist and turn brings not just a change in scenery but a chapter in the comedy of life. Join us on the next ride – the wheels are ready, and the laughter awaits!

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Dec 07, 2023

Looks like a great adventure. How could I obtain further detail including dates etc.


Dave B

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