HIKING TOUR (Green Gully)

If you require a specific date. Contact us directly to arrange.

Maximum of 5 people per tour.


Day 1 -   Meet at Port Macquarie Airport for the Aussie Bike or Hike staff to transport you to start of hike (2 hour drive)
Day 2 -    19kms Hike   
Day 3 -    14kms Hike
Day 4 -    14kms Hike

Day 5 -    17kms Hike

Day 6 -     Travel home via car to Port Macquarie Airport 


You'll need to be prepared for long, sometimes arduous walking over 4 days. However, the beauty of the area will make up for any tough walk.


This Hike the “Aussie Bike or Hike” will take you on is part of the World Heritage-listed National Park, This Hike is an adventurous 67km walk.

This award-winning walking track is one of the best in NSW and takes you on a unique journey deep into one of the largest gorge systems in Australia.


The only way to experience the inspiring views, dramatic gorges and abundant wildlife is to book this guided Hike with Motorcycle World Champion Alex Cudlin guiding you safely the whole way.


On the Hike, you’ll traverse fern-lined gullies, crystal-clear mountain streams, high-elevation forests as well as towering rocky outcrops. You’ll share some of the terrain with endangered brush-tailed rock wallabies, soaring wedge-tailed eagles, and native marsupial mice.


Uniquely, there is no need to carry a tent as you’ll stay in restored stockman huts along the way. Fitted with the essentials like beds, water tanks, solar-lighting, non-flush toilets and gas cooking equipment within each hut, these huts will greet the weary walker at the end of each day.

After a day of hiking, what better way to relax then sit around the camp fire, eating unique Australian bush tucker and listening to some stories from Alex and the Aussie Bike or Hike crew.


All food will be supplied for the hike; however, each client will need to carry their food, daily water, sleeping bag and clothes.

Hiking back packs and Sleeping bags can be supplied by the Aussie Bike or Hike crew upon request.


Alex will have GPS, Spot tracker, CB radio, Toppo maps, first aid outback kit, Emergency blanket and Emergency Food and water on his person throughout the whole hike, as safety for staff and clients is paramount.


If you would like more information about booking this hike, please send us a message on the “Contact Us” page.

  • Four days of trekking in a World Heritage-listed forest

  • Not seeing any other humans for four days

  • Five individual heritage huts equipped with camp beds, stoves, fire wood

  • An abundance of wildlife, powerful owls, snakes, dingos

  • 5 kilometres of walking and wading along a magical water Gully

  • Arrival Gift

  • Accommodation 

  • Breakfast 

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Support van and Trailer 

  • Informed travel guide with the group

  • First aid trained guide with satellite communication in emergency

  • Tour description, travel materials

  • Detailed route planning

  • Walking with group





Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included on all tours.  No one goes hungry on these tours! If you have dietary restrictions, please contact us before booking, so we can find out and plan your options for the tour.



Don't forget your camera, the ride path Aussie Bike OR Hike staff will take you on will be exceptional. rolling hills, wild life, it’s very common to see Kangaroos, birds, goannas and other wild life along the route.



  • Booking

  • Sturdy walking shoes which are good in water. Second pair for evenings if you don’t want wet feet

  • Long trousers

  • Warm clothes/ beanie

  • Sleeping bag 

  • Head torch 

  • Dry/plastic bags for river crossing

  • medication you require,

NOTE: This hike is a hut to hut hike. This means that each customer will be required to carry their own bag of clothes, sleeping bag, food and water. We have hiking backpack which we can supply, if you don't have a bag.

At each hut there is water to refill for the following days hike. We will be self supported, which means there won't be any cars or people on the trek.

All customers must hold Ambulance cover.

The lead guide will supply food and hand it out to place in each bag.

Rest assured, no one will go hungry. We always carry more then is needed.

The hut is small, cozy and basic. We will be sleeping on stretcher beds each night (apart from Night 1 and Night 5)

The hut holds 6 people and you'll be sleeping close to your fellow hiker.

The Green Gully trek doesn't allow the use of tents.

If you have any questions or concerns,

please contact us directly on 0408692990

2nd May to 07th May 2022


10 TO 15 Kilometers PER DAY

The HIKE is 67 km split over 4 days ranging from 14km to 19km a day. There are some steep descents: 900m on your second day, river crossings and wading on your third day and a healthy dollop of up and down on your final leg. All in preparation for the BBQ and feast you left at hut five!

Day 1 -   Arrive via car
Day 2 -   19kms    
Day 3 -    14kms    
Day 4 -    14kms

Day 5 -    17kms 

Day 6 -     Travel home via car  

Which Airport do I fly too?

Aussie Bike OR Hike operates from the New South Wales Mid North Coast of Australia.

The closest airport to our headquarters in Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie has both Qantas and Virgin airlines operating 4 flights each per day.

Once you have arrived at Port Macqaurie airport. One of the Aussie Bike OR Hike Staff will be waiting there to collect you and transport to the 1st nights accommodation.

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