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Van Diemen’s Expedition”
Victoria , Tasmania  2024

Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and conquer the endless winding, picturesque roads that both Tasmania and Victoria have to offer. This 9-day, 8-night tour is your gateway to experiencing the best of Tasmania and Victoria, brimming with breathtaking landscapes, rich history, captivating wildlife, award-winning cuisine, and warm-hearted locals. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to tackle some of the most thrilling and scenic roads these two incredible states have to offer.

Don't wait – book your tickets now and embark on a motorcycle adventure that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime!

How Much?

Super Early Bird – Before 20/11/2023

Price for Riders is AUD:                         $3250.00

Price for pillion passenger is AUD:        $2650.00

Single Room Supplement is AUD:         $950.00

Spirit of Tasmania room upgrade AUD: $700.00


Early Bird – After 20/11/2023 – Before 20/01/2023

Price for Riders is AUD:                        $3400.00

Price for pillion passenger is AUD:        $3100.00

Single Room Supplement is AUD:        $950.00

Spirit of Tasmania room upgrade AUD: $700.00


Regular Price - After 20/01/2023

Price for Riders is AUD:                       $3550.00

Price for pillion passenger is AUD:       $2950.00

Single Room Supplement is AUD:        $950.00

Spirit of Tasmania room upgrade AUD: $700.00

Itinerary for  2024

Day 1:  24th March 2024-  Arrival in Torquay

Day 2:  25th March 2024– Torquay to Port Campbell    

Day 3: 26th March 2024– Port Campbell to Geelong

Day 4: 27th March 2024– Devonport to Strahan

Day 5: 28th March 2024– Strahan to Hobart

Day 6: 29th March 2024– Hobart to Port Arthur

Day 7: 30th March 2024– Port Arthur to St Helens

Day 8:  31st March 2024– St Helens to Geelong

Day 9:  1st April 2024- Geelong to wave goodbye


Tour Highlights 

Great Ocean Road

Spirit of Tasmania cruise ship

Motorcycle transport across the Tasman

12 Apostles



Port Arthur Walking and Boat Tour



Guided by Motorcycle World Champion Alex Cudlin

The “Wall Tour” – Derwent Bridge

Difficulty Level:
5 out of 10
Dirt VS Road
Bring your own Bike:
Suitable for Street, Adventure, Cruiser
Tour Inclusions 

8 Nights in Motels and Spirit Tasmania bed

Welcome dinner on night 1

Aussie Bike or Hike T-shirt

Spirit of Tasmania crossing fees, bike transport and accommodation

Guide on a motorcycle (World Champion)

The “Wall" Tour – Derwent Bridge

Entry to Port Arthur walking tour and boat tour

Back up vehicle with trailer

Day to Day Luggage transport

Mechanic follow on the trip

First aid support

Important Information

Twin Share Accommodation
Your accommodation comes with the exciting option of sharing with a fellow adventurer, enhancing the camaraderie of the journey. If you're traveling solo, fear not! We'll strive to pair you up with a like-minded roommate for a fantastic experience.
For those seeking the ultimate privacy and comfort in a single room, we've got you covered too. There's an extra charge for this exclusive option.

Parking car and trailer for tour
For those embarking on a journey from afar to join our tour, we've got a convenient option. Feel free to bring your car and trailer to the tour's starting point in Torquay. We've secured approval from the motel to let you park it there. Do keep in mind, though, that leaving it there is at your own discretion and risk.
Please ensure to inform us in advance if you plan to leave your car and trailer at the motel. Your seamless adventure awaits!

Spirit of Tasmania room upgrade
All rooms on the spirit of Tasmania are included. They are a room with 4 single beds but only 2 people (or 1 if you booked single room upgrade) will sleep in that.
If you would like to upgrade to a luxury cabin for the ferry with 1 queen size bed. Then there is an extra charge of $700.00.
Please let us know on the booking form when  booking what you would like to do.

The Bikes and Road Conditions

This Tour is designed that you bring your own bike.

This means you can ride what you feel comfortable on.

One thing to remember on this tour is that the complete route is tarmac. No dirt at all (unless we get roadworks)

So, its suitable for Road bikes, Sports Bikes, Adventure Bikes and Cruisers.

Seeing that you’ll be riding your own bike. It must be registered and in a good working conditions. If the bike breaks down, We will put it in the trailer, and you'll continue in the car or get yourself to the local bike shop and catch back up on the tour along the way. The choice is yours!.

What the customers are saying:


Brian Bolster - Van Diemens-  2022

Venturing through Victoria and Tasmania has been an awe-inspiring adventure! The roads we traversed were absolutely stunning.
Alex and his expert team orchestrated a flawlessly executed tour, and their choice of route was nothing short of remarkable. Every minute of the journey was an absolute delight. Our accommodations were top-notch, and the local cafes and restaurants added to the experience.
The Port Arthur tour left me utterly speechless, and Hobart was a city I fell in love with.
What the customers are saying:


Malcolm Smith - Van Diemens-  2022 and 2023

Absolutely mind-blowing!
This tour is nothing short of phenomenal, flawlessly executed. It's my second time, and it never fails to amaze.
These folks are true masters at ensuring a fantastic time. From selecting the best roads to choosing charming accommodations and fascinating stops, they've got it all covered.
When a fellow rider faced a flat tyre, these pros swiftly handled it, ensuring the tour never missed a beat. I enjoyed it so much that I'm already planning my next booking.
Unreal adventures await!

What the customers are saying:


Steve Sparkes- All Tours run by Aussie Bike or Hike to date.

I've been on every tour these incredible folks at "Aussie Bike or Hike" have orchestrated, and I can't get enough!
Starting with the India motorcycle tour, I was so captivated by their expertise that I ventured to Nepal for their trek, which was equally amazing. Then I went on their Van Diemen's tour, and the list goes on.
"Aussie Bike or Hike" is more than just a business; it's a family with an enormous heart dedicated to crafting the most enjoyable and memorable trips of your life. If you're looking for that ultimate bucket list adventure, you need to get in touch with these exceptional individuals.
Who knows, our paths might just cross on one of their epic journeys!

Detailed Itinerary

DAY 1: Arrival in Torquay

Get ready for an incredible journey as we kick off our adventure in the charming coastal town of Torquay with an unforgettable Meet and Greet dinner!
Join us for an evening of camaraderie as you get acquainted with our friendly tour guides and bond with your fellow adventure-seekers. We've chosen the renowned "4 Pines Brewery" as the backdrop for this special evening, where you'll savor a delicious dinner together.
But that's not all – during the rider's briefing, we'll share important tour guidelines and provide insights into the exciting journey that awaits you. And as a token of our warm welcome, you'll receive a commemorative T-shirt to remember this fantastic experience.
Motel / Welcome Dinner / T shirt included


DAY 2:  Torquay to Port Campbell

Distance: 400 km

Today, it's time to rev up those engines and set a course westward as we embark on an epic motorcycle adventure along the world-renowned Great Ocean Road in Victoria!
This iconic coastal road is an absolute "must-ride" and a dream for any motorcycling enthusiast. The Great Ocean Road, a treasured gem listed on the Australian National Heritage, spans a breathtaking 243 kilometers along the stunning southeastern Australian coast, stretching from Torquay to Allansford. As we navigate its winding path, you'll be treated to a diverse landscape of coastal beauty that leads us to some of the most prominent landmarks, including the awe-inspiring Twelve Apostles – a collection of limestone stack formations that are a photographer's paradise.
Our journey today concludes in the charming town of Port Campbell, steeped in seafaring history and ready to welcome you with its unique charm.

DAY 3: Port Campbell to Geelong

Distance: 270 km

Join us for an exciting day as we journey from Torquay to Geelong, once more conquering the stunning Great Ocean Road!
In Geelong, we'll get ready to set sail aboard the Spirit of Tasmania, our overnight ferry and gateway to the picturesque island of Tasmania. Crossing the Bass Strait is an adventure in its own right, promising exceptional cuisine, comfortable accommodations, and, fingers crossed, a smooth voyage to the enchanting Isle of Tasmania.
Your ticket includes room accommodation on the Spirit of Tasmania, ensuring you have a cozy and relaxing journey as we embark on this unforgettable adventure
Room accommodation on Spirit of Tasmania Included

DAY 4: Devonport to Strahan

Distance: 270 km

We will disembark the Spirit of Tasmania and begin our journey from Devonport, one of Tasmania’s busiest coastal cities, where the Mersey River meets the Bass Strait. You might need to practice a bit of the Gerry and The Pacemaker’s hit- “Ferry Cross the Mersey”, just to get you in the right mood for our start!
Today we will not only ride some beautifully winding roads from Devonport to Strahan, but we will also get to visit the famous Cradle Mountain on Lake St Clair. Cradle Mountain is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage areas.
 The park is one of the state's most special places, where ancient pines fringe glacial lakes and icy streams cascade down rugged mountains. We simply can’t miss seeing this iconic place. Our overnight destination is Strahan – a small coastal town located on the west coast of Tasmania, where you will feel like you are on the edge of the world. Strahan is an historical town, where the first colonial settlement in Tasmania was located. There was a penal colony on Sarah island, which housed the worst offenders in Tasmania and was known for its harsh conditions. 
Motel Included

DAY 5: Strahan to Hobart

Distance: 340 km

Today sees us embark on an exhilarating motorcycle journey from Strahan to Hobart, Tasmania's captivating capital, nestled along the picturesque Derwent River. Today, Tasmania's breathtaking landscapes will spring to life before your eyes. From the otherworldly mining terrains near Strahan, you'll navigate a thrilling 99 bends, guaranteed to satisfy any rider's craving for heart-pounding twists and turns. As we progress, our route takes us to the geographic heart of Tasmania at Derwent Bridge, where we'll explore the mesmerizing "Wall in the Wilderness" – an absolute must-see!
Our grand finale awaits in the vibrant heart of Hobart, where you'll experience true luxury at WrestPoint Casino. Here, you can relax and try your luck, perhaps hitting it big!
Motel and “The Wall” Tour Included

DAY 6: Hobart to Port Arthur

Distance: 94 km

We will ride from Hobart to the famous world heritage listed town of Port Arthur, the best preserved convict site in Australia, and among the most significant convict era sites in the world.  It was once a 19th century penal settlement and more recently became infamous for Australia’s worst massacre. Port Arthur is such a big place to explore, with some brilliant things to see. We will take a walking tour and then take a boat ride to the Isle of the Dead.
Motel – Port Arthur Walking and Boat Tour Included

DAY 7: Port Arthur to St Helens

Distance: 283km

Today is another small day of riding. We will head north along the coast finally arriving at St Helens. St Helens is the gate way to the famous "Bay of Fires“ The Bay of Fires is known all over the world for its extraordinary clear blue seas, brilliant white beaches and striking orange lichen-cloaked boulders. It inspires a string of superlatives from every person lucky enough to go there, and it’s one of the most idyllic holiday destinations imaginable.
Today you can hang at the motel or go and explore. You have a free afternoon to do what you want.
Motel Included

DAY 8: - St Helens to Devonport

Distance 405 km

Today we will start making our way from St Helens,  back to Devonport and our ferry crossing back to the mainland on the Spirit of Tasmania. We will take some great coastal roads, riding through towns rich in agricultural and forestry history, with many diverse areas, comprising steep ridges and low-lying wetlands.  We will ride through areas that produce orchards, dairy and beef cattle, fruit produce and sheep. Once in Devonport we will once again board the Spirit of Tasmania for our return journey to Geelong
Room accommodation on Spirit of Tasmania Included

DAY 9: Geelong – Wave Goodbye!

Distance: 20 km

This marks the conclusion of our unforgettable motorcycle tour.
some of you may choose to head straight home, while others might opt for an extended ride along the scenic routes on your way back. We'll ensure a seamless handover of your belongings and get you back to your vehicles with a warm embrace.
Regrettably, it's time to bid adieu, with new friendships forged and memories that will endure a lifetime!

Who is your Guide
Alex Cudlin, the owner and head guide of "Aussie Bike or Hike".
Alex Cudlin's incredible journey from a humble farm upbringing in Australia to becoming a two-time World Endurance Motorcycle Racing Champion is the stuff of legends. At just 17, he embarked on an audacious adventure to Europe, driven by his dream of becoming a professional motorcycle racer.
Over the course of 12 exhilarating years, Alex blazed a trail through Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, achieving World Champion status in 2010 and 2013, securing top-three finishes five times in the World championship, and claiming seven national championships along with numerous race victories. But amidst the roaring engines and thrilling races, Alex's passion for mountain biking and hiking blossomed.
These outdoor pursuits became an integral part of his training regimen, leading him to pedal through the roads of Qatar, conquer the hills of the French Alps, navigate the rugged trails of England and Scotland, trek the majestic mountains of Lebanon, and explore the scenic hills of Switzerland. He walked the roads of India, marveled at monuments in Indonesia, and ventured to many other corners of the world.
Returning to his homeland, Australia, Alex decided to fuse his three great loves - Motorcycles, Mountain Biking, and Hiking - into an adventure company. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he's now dedicated to sharing his boundless passion for these thrilling pursuits with the world. Alex's journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and his adventure company is your ticket to experiencing the exhilaration of his extraordinary life.

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